Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Soul Reading Result

I received this note about a Soul Reading I did almost a year ago.

Sending you hugs...just thought I'd keep you up to date. When you did that reading for me ages ago, it meant so much to me on so many levels. Different than a tarot card reading, it felt more like the tuning of a fine instrument. By recognizing and acknowledging the things you spoke about with me, I've noticed a discernible shift in "coincidences" that are leading to positive, life enhancing choices and events. I'll let you know how this journey unfolds, looks like I will be finding my axis mundi after all. 

For more on Soul Readings, click here. I am using the money I make on these to pay for my schooling as a life coach. It my goal to be of service to others through both magickal and mundane means. To schedule a reading, use the email link on the page.

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