Friday, March 22, 2013

Working with Anxiety

My confidence has grown with my healing work over the last couple of years.* For whatever reason, I seem to have a strong ability to help with anxiety. Over the past six months or so, I have worked with several people with PTSD. I make no claims to cure that issue*. I can say that I can reduce anxiety in most people at the very least for the short term. If you've ever battled that illness, imagine how nice that night of sleep is after you've been up for a couple of days or only had a few hours sleep a night for a week. The brief respite can be quite a relief. I make a point of telling people that they need their therapist; I am not a replacement.

I have begun working with one person that I plan on working with quite regularly, even though we will only talk once every couple of weeks. I added this person to my nightly work two or three times a week. Today, I received this note: "Last week was wonderful with regards to lack of anxiety! I don't know what you did, but it was very helpful! Especially last Friday"

The week she discussed contained two sessions, one of which was late Thursday night. This was an experiment. She had no idea what days or how often I would be doing my thing. She felt better when I did and the following week, when I did nothing, she went back to her unfortunately normal state. 

What I saw astrally confirmed a theory I have. I have mentioned previously that Asperger's looks to my eyes like the Tree of Life with none of the paths active. Severe trauma induced problems, PTSD related or not, have, to my sight, common characteristics. Imagine, if you will, a clothed spiritual body. That clothing is dark and formless. The trauma appears as if that clothing is ripped away but only partially and always at or below the waist. This occurs the same way whether the trauma is sexually induced or not. The result is a breaking through of the whitest light you've ever seen. I believe the 'skirt' that gets ripped away during the traumatic event is the part of us prevents our spirit from fully interacting with the world. When our perfect spirit tries to interact with the world from that lower level, without a revealed upper spirit (for lack of better description) our perceptions are overloaded with its power. This causes our physical brains and lower emotions all sorts of problems. Why? That skirt is the ego that protects our individuality. We cannot drop that ego until the Greater Neschemah comes into direct play of its own accord. When we are traumatized severely enough, that ego is torn away because that sort of trauma reveals it for the illusion that it is. You are not your ego but you have to learn that, it cannot be forced from you. 

The session that occurred the day before the Friday mentioned in the quote, allowed energy from the top of the head to be exposed for a brief moment. That same white-brilliant light burst through but since it was from the top, it was in control of the lower energies of the soul. The result was calmness and a laughter-filled week.  

What would have happened if the torn "clothing" was restored? I have no idea but I bet I will see that someday.

In my opinion, I have a clue here but not a fully functional methodology. Though, I am not sure if that matters, my healing technique at the moment is being present and just watching all this stuff. I do very little but stimulate healing with my astral presence. How that works, I have no idea. 

My metaphor here is a bit shaky. I have some problems with it. I am simply recording it as I see it at the moment. There will be more on this topic eventually

*Though I did have a complete fail (aside from emergency pain relief) on a compacted ear wax problem. 

** This post should not be taken as an advert for more PTSD folks. They take a lot of consistent work and I am not in a position to take on more of that. 

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