Monday, March 4, 2013

Healing Work

I had been told by my soul to lay off the healing work. Apparently, that prohibition has been lifted.

Sunday, on the disc golf course my golfing buddy was going along fine until about the 8th hole on the second round. Frankly, he had three shots in a row that could only be classified as embarrassing. I had a vision of a red dot like may be seen from a laser pointer. I knew if I touched him, I could put that dot into him and he'd regain his shot. I asked for permission and did so. His next throw was back to his old form. A few holes later, he was weakening again. I touched him with the dot and the next shot significantly improved.

My friend Flower had a tough weekend. She was feeling down and agitated. Suddenly, I had the vision of a descending dove like may be found on the symbol of the OTO. I knew it would bring her peace. I asked, "Would you like to be a magickal experiment?" She said yes and I touched her with the dove. I then left her alone to do another on-line healing session.

Upon returning I asked her how she felt. She said when I first did it she felt dizzy. Then her eyes went blurry for five to ten minutes. A little while after that, she received an email. Her response to it was, "That is just want I needed to feel peace." It was then I told her what I had shared.

The on-line healing session was a bit different. The client said she had two significant painful body parts. Medical treatments were not helping and asked if I could find an emotional component. I went to work using my new technique which is much more like Reiki. I am present but mostly passive and I just let the energy go where it needs to go. It focused much more on one of the painful areas than the other. I received impressions of the emotional correspondences to the pains. It was then that I noticed a chakra below her belly button was a muddy brown. I watched it turn bright yellow.

I told the client about the emotional impressions I had of her pains and she concurred that she is dealing with those issues but had not linked them. I also told her to look up the attributes of the yellow chakra and see what she could learn from that.

Today, I received an email from here that contained the line, "You ought to come with a warning label."  It seems that she woke up around 2 AM and spent an hour on the toilet and using a bucket. Apparently, she purged some 'toxins' or some such thing and reports that she feels great. Though, I am not sure if that  is emotional clarity or physical healing.

She also thinks the chakra in question was below the yellow one. I know very little of chakras. Perhaps it flared yellow as the yellow chakra stimulated the one immediately below it. I suppose I will have to learn about chakras if similar things keep happening.

All in all, it was pretty nice return to one of my favorite activities.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

yellow chakra = solar plexus, the power center, it rules will, self control, issues having to do with sight, digestion, gall bladder, gut feelings, self esteem and EGO

Jupiter and fire energies

Damn right you have to know the chakras sir