Sunday, March 3, 2013

Leo = Aquarius

As I have stated many times since the shard meditation, February 4 is my new birthday. I have also made it very clear over the years that I was born a Leo. In checking my new birthday, I was most amused to learn that February 4 lands in Aquarius on the direct opposite side of the zodiacal wheel.

As my first talent was tarot, I decided to look at how my birth cards have changed. In Leo, my cards are 5 of Wands, Strife; Prince of Wands; and  Strength/Lust. In Aquarius my cards are: 6 of Swords; Prince of Swords; and the Star. What Crowley has to say about the Six of Wands in his Book of Thoth (pdf) , is quite complimentary. The  Prince of Swords is more difficult. The Star, long my favorite card is well, stunning as always.  


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