Friday, March 29, 2013

Your Hidden Intuition

I have shared the Manifestation Meditation with come locals. I kept having an idea for the next meeting -- to wash everyone's feet. This is totally out of character for me but I was willing to do it. The realization that prevented the action was that doing so would freak people out.

Now, we are hearing the news that new Pope is making quite a show of this. This may be totally sincere, it may be totally marketing or both. There is no way for a distant observer to know for sure  but that isn't the point. The point was that my intuition picked up on this theme before it hit the popular consciousness. However, I mistook it for being about me.

This realization has lead me to see many other instances of so-called normal thoughts that were really intuition. All of which I dismissed as the monkey mind. I have now come to believe that part of the monkey mind is really disguised intuition.

The potential error here is selective memory. I may be only remembering the hits and discounting that any given number of random thoughts will eventually appear to have a meaningful subset. This is both true and a lie that hides the truth. The truth part is obvious. The lie is that such pragmatic ways of viewing the world discount that intuitions are hidden within the random 'hits'.

Finding those intuitions isn't all that hard. It takes just one question. Is this me? Was it my normal thought to wash people's feet? NO. I have had other thoughts that I have determined were intuition but sharing them here would be a violation of privacy. In each case, the question, "Is this me?" revealed the so-called random thought as intuition. In each case, time has coalesced to show my conclusion correct.

There is no difference between you and me. If you want to become aware of your intuitive thoughts, just keep asking that question. Simple.

Such things should be used in service to others. For instance, if I intuited that a friend was in denial about an emotional pain and that intuition came in the form of a phrase, I may use that phrase (which are really his thoughts) in a conversation. This is likely only effective if the conversation is related to the issue. The beauty here is that it is the other person's words and that he gets to choose if they impact him or not. This is very gentle.

There is a next level to all this. If you can intuit something part of the meaning also applies within your sphere. The practitioner of spiritual living will find that and act as much as possible. So, this is an open invitation to my local Manifestation Meditation crew. If you so indicate that it would not freak you out, I will wash your feet.

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