Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bubble Meditation

The Bubble Meditation

I sat down the other night to meditate. Normally, I am doing so much healing work for others that I neglect any sort of extended meditation for myself. On that night, I instantly fell into a deep state.

Immediately, I was surrounded by bubbles, thousands and thousands of them. The spheres were all of uniform size and I knew that each bubble was my perception of the object they contained. Further, my perceptions kept me from fully experiencing the object in question.

I started poking them with a pin. Within, I'd find another bubble and another until I worked my way down to an object. Soon, I began calling up the object I wanted to explore, a cookie, then a doughnut and a cake. When I popped the last bubble, I felt this wave of energy called acceptance. I realized that I eat sweets because to me they represent my mother's acceptance.

Some bubbles contained people. One contained a person that was simply making more bubbles. I left that one alone.

I have done this meditation several times now and feel at such peace after I do it. I know that if I find groups of things like I did with the food, I will get the common perception behind them. That will be cool.

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