Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Torch of Hermes and Story Magick

The other night I was meditating and Hermes* popped by. He gave me a torch** and said:

  • It will help me when I go through difficult times
  • To slow down as I do astral work and use it to see what I have been missing
  • To put an image of the torch on my altar.
Yesterday, I had a very long conversation with VI regarding story magick. His initial post on that topic is here and I seriously suggest you follow the series of posts he is going to make on the topic.  I get deeply educated every time I talk to that man. VI is one of those people with whom I shut up totally when he speaks because one wants to hear and understand what he is offering. I am sure that conversation played into what followed.

Later in the afternoon, Soror Gimel texted and said she was having a very severe asthma attack. I told her to go to the ER but I would work on it. I tell people to see professional help and they pretty much always ignore me in situations like this. She did the same. 

I took my torch with me and slowed down on my journey. In fact, I traveled a little distance and 'stopped'. I have issued some complaints from time to time that I can't astral travel as the times I did in the lower planes, I felt an electric wind sensation. When I heal or go to other astral places I do not feel that. I am here and then I am there. The lack of a transitory phase makes it harder to define where I am. Did I travel or is this all in my head and my head just happens to be able to heal people through its images? When I stopped, I felt that astral wind and it was a bit difficult to remain in place. The torch didn't reveal much.

When I took another hop, there was no wind until I stopped again. I figured I was two thirds of the way there but this time the torch revealed a crack in the plane. I entered this and found myself in a place of white light. That light was thick like chilled cake batter. It could flow but retained its various shapes. The scene looked like a cartoon in which simple lines suggest form.  

Soror Gimel held her chest obviously in distress. I called an ambulance which arrived instantly and helped move the gurney she was on inside the vehicle. The EMTs worked on her while they delivered her to the hospital. They did CPR, gave her a shot and a day or to later released her. She hugged her husband and child and seemed just fine. 

Today, she reports that she is much better but still needs her inhaler.

This story board view was quite different as was the texture of whatever astral world I found us in. I have questions:
  • Did I take her on a healing journey outside of time?
  • Was the story line actual or just the way my head was influenced by the prior conversation and what is the difference between head space and actual? 
* He also popped by in my tarot class last Monday night. That made me think nearly everything was funny.

** I couldn't find a direct relationship to Hermes and torches in the lore. I did see that his son Pan had a torch race in Marathon but who says he is limited to objects in his myths? 

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