Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Related Changes

Something is suddenly changing or maybe not so suddenly. I am going to record the things I have noticed of late. To me they are disjointed but somehow related.
  • I see people arguing and disputing in a friendly way. In the past, I jumped in. Now, I have nothing to say.
  • I have noticed the prevalence of rape in the mythology of the Old Testament, the Greeks and the Romans. Few seem to stand against it.
  • I have two Christian friends that are spiritually involved in my life. One is She of Spirit whom I did the soul reading for. The other is the Disciple of Christ. 
  • I am rarely angry.
  • The Psychic (another friend) told me Isis wanted to chat with me. When I meditated on Her, she chewed me out. "I was the first goddess to contact you. You have my image tattood on your back...[why haven't you called?].
  • My work output at my job has suddenly and dramatically increased, along with my skill level.
  • I am hanging around people that work more intuitively than ever before. I used to work with the traditionally trained.
  • Criticisms are no longer owned wholesale. I consider and accept or reject now. An example is the guy bashing me for helping the Asperger kids. Though, mom set him straight in the comments to the last post.
  • There is a very 'present' vital place on the astral where I can go now. Though, it still doesn't feel like projection, which I have only done a few times. This place is only to be visited with purpose. Junkets are not...correct? right? proper? You get what I mean.
  • It seems the priests of Christ threaten people with hell after death. Those of Paganism seem to have lead me there in this life.
  • All of my magick has been healing work for quite some time.
  • I like people more yet can walk away from them easier.
  • Fear, angst and other emotions are less prevelant.
  • There are no rules to magick, just keys and natural flows.
  • Working with the sun makes me an asshole. No other planet has that effect.
  • I find different perspectives fascinating and see how limiting they all are. 
  • I am teaching people occult things without trying to.
  • I do strange things like throw healing light up above my house and inviting friends to take it. I also am making two overcoming obstacle candles for friends. These will not be done as a ceremonial magician.
  • My magick is less and less experimental now as I know what I can do.
  • I am baffled as to why people have read this far.
Regarding my last post. Jack explained that Venus was conjunct with Saturn that night. Maybe I was just dreaming that. 

Asperger's Update:

"[The less healthy one] is a whole new kid. He pays attention now and does what he is told." Despite criticism that there is nothing from the kid perspective in this work, I feel that any kid wants to be yelled at less by mom and wants to get along at some level. How many kids like mom being upset with them?


Yvonne Chireau said...

i will always read what you have to say.

i hope we can walk far together!

Robert said...

Oh, I didn't mean anything by it then I feel this kinds of posts must be boring to most readers. I make them so that I keep track of what is going on with me.

Robert said...

I will always push me as far as I can. :O)