Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aspergers Update

As previously reported, I removed an 'iron bar' that was tying the kids at the foot leaving the other bars in place. I did this because during one of my first sessions with them, I could watch the healthy one wiggling his foot as if trying to shake something off. It was very annoying to him. Mom reported to me this afternoon, "[The Healthy One] is still wound up, but he told me tonight that he changed his life and now instead of being bad, he's good. " The other has been better behaved.

Personal Note

I have oft felt that I have been working against the tide of the universe. It was like continually walking uphill with someone hiding the trail. Of late, I feel that the trend is changing. Several people and friends are stepping up to help.

What I didn't notice before was the subtle change between friends of convenience, to friends of virtue to friends of the Work that I am doing.

Things may not get easier but I have slowly, without my even noticing, built a support network.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

YES to friendship of all stripes