Thursday, November 8, 2012

Freakish Change (More Getting Right with Time)

The Saturn working fallout continues.

I have often reported anger issues here. Part of that was that I was so deeply living in the past that decade old actions played through my mind as if they were still happening. It is impossible to forgive and let go some things quickly. We have all experienced that but being stuck out of time means any letting go is too quick because the negative event is still happening.

Now that those issues are fading into their proper time zones, it is opening up many doors for me.

  • I am a much more intense listener in face-to-face conversations. This is helping me understand both the speaker and myself on a much deeper level. On-line, I am still a bit too much self-absorbed but that will improve. 
  • My psychic senses have increased to the point where I have had conversations that seem very normal, yet I 'see' the other person's underlying motivations quite clearly. The upside is that these motivations are personal drives and have nothing to do with me. Had they been about me, I would have just assumed I was projecting. This will allow me to satisfy the other person's unspoken needs to a greater extent and teach me about other human behaviors that have always baffled me.
  • In several conversations at work, I have found myself laughing rather than getting upset. 

The biggest shift has been described by Flower as, "freakish change". Rather than trying to suppress anger I am working within to push love, compassion, caring and related emotions out. In short, I am being something rather than burying something. Flower reports me more relaxed and emanating so much warm fuzzy energy that she is finding it a bit disconcerting but in a good way, "even your posture has changed."

I was able to do this because something clicked inside of me. I see myself as angry so I am angry. Yet, there is a part of me that few in my non-magickal life see, compassion. I open my home to those in need, do healings, listen to people's emotional issues, am supportive, guide people spiritually in a very soft way and the like. So, since I am these things too, I may as well let myself feel the emotion of them in daily life and reserve anger for only appropriate situations. This has worked out great so far.

There has only been a week of this but I feel that it is a significant and permanent change.

Getting right with time has been nothing short of huge.

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