Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Pathwalking Itself

Last night's post was very short. Sometimes, that is all I can manage.

The set up for my walking the paths ritual was much like this post from January 2011, called Walking the Path of the Devil. In that set-up, I kept receiving images reflecting the idea that we are all one.The same occurred this time.

The big difference is that in this rite, I used the tools associated with the paths.

Devil -- Lamp
Hanged Man -- Cup of Wine and Cross (drawn on the wine glass)
Justice -- Equal-armed Cross
Geburah -- I hadn't prepared for this but spontaneously lifted my sword from the wall.

I also performed the rite within a space delineated by the triangle of Binah.

This was not my best work. I felt rushed, even though I had everything prepared the night before. I mailed it in and made some ritual mistakes. Though, I feel the ritual was beneficial.

Walking the Path of the Devil

This significant change here was that I walked from Hod to Tipereth the first time. For this ritual, I walked form Tipereth to Hod. It was different. The above link shares what I perceived the first time. This time, I heard the following message, "Relish your arrogance for it is who you are. Be confident in all things for that is your right. If that means paying deeper attention to detail do that." The emotion was one of power of place. This is a bear walking in the forest. This is not the arrogance of being better than or more entitled. It is the arrogance of knowing one could be wrong but acting anyway, no analysis paralysis. It is the power of being fully you in this moment. I dare you to knock me off this path sort of thing.

The real stunning part here is that I feel like Frater Bonehead. You are telling me that it never occurred to me to walk the paths in both directions? Really? If you missed that to, I recommend doing it.

Walking the Path of Mem

The language I heard here speaks for itself, "The path of Mem: accept all things, avoid nothing, do nothing, enjoy the storm around you." I am not sure how to resist nothing. I resist drinking a full bottle of wine when I drink. I resist eating food that isn't good for me. That said, I have fully accepted impulses to act in certain situations without questioning myself. 

The actual walking of the path was tough. I felt a huge weight upon me and had to take slow deliberate steps. Moreover, I could not straighten my legs to a full standing position. The observer may have been amused by my gait. I was told,  "This is the weight of fate." I understood the forces of time, places, circumstance, attitudes of the moment and how it all places one on a given course. This is not a question of free will.

Walking the Path of Justice

"You are just and so this path will be less difficult. You will be shown where you have had justice and where you have not."

 Stepping within Geburah

The sword in my hand moved of its own accord touching my forehead and each shoulder. I was knighted "He who is at the entrance." This is not the loftiest title! I was told, "You will learn the proper use of strength and its improper use." I was also told I could only enter partway into Geburah, the threshold.  

I was also told quite clearly, "You are not a 6=5." That number is the designation of the initiate of Geburah. Funny, I didn't think I needed to be told that but I guess I did. 


When I stirred the forces of Hod I was told by the archangel to go for a walk after the ritual. When I completed the walk of water (the Hanged Man), I was told to drink the wine I was holding as the ritual closed and then down other glass just before my walk. 

I followed all these instructions. On said walk, I could feel myself being given directions on where to walk and I followed them, despite temptation not to. There was no significance to the path I took aside from following the directions. The path was so prescribed that I couldn't even cut across my own lawn to get back inside.

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