Thursday, November 29, 2012

Angels Fast Descending!

I came home today and pulled left overs out of the fridge before I noticed my Facebook message. Someone messaged me on the DoingMagick page, which has never happened before. It was a long-time client asking for help. Her daughter has cerebral palsy and is uncommunicative. She had been in pain for some time and had a virus or some other bug for about a week. I was asked to help.

I tossed the food back in the fridge and gave it a go using nothing but her a picture from facebook.

When I arrived it was immediately apparent this child's legs are hurting her quite severely. I saw the lights of pain on the astral but there were so many that there was no way I could be effective. I tried them one at a time but I couldn't help with even one point. I then moved to her brain thinking I could solve the problem from that end of the nervous system. No dice. There were too many pain spots.

I asked no one in particular, "How can I help this child?"

Instantly, beings descended from the heavens. They were small, mostly transparent and very dark. Yeah, transparently dark, welcome to my life. So many came calling. I 'heard', "Let us help this creature." Creature? Um...ok. They landed on her legs and chest. I tried to help using Jupiter energy and they pulled away like grease from a soap bubble. I stopped and they returned to her looking at me like, "You did that why exactly?" Oops.

As they got to work, I worked on the virus. I think I did okay with that.

Mom emailed me that soon after she relaxed and used her one syllable to ask to go to bed. She is now resting comfortably and by all appearances is no longer suffering.

That is a VERY nice way to begin the evening.

Magickal Errors

The comments from the fellow that didn't like me working on the Asperger's issue got me thinking. New readers may not be aware that I post EVERYTHING here, including failures and various acts of stupidity on my part. Long term readers have seen the good, the bad and the f----ed up. So, don't get the impression I only post successes. I have let all my ugly hang out for all to see on more than one occasion  Oddly, readership goes way up when I do that.

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