Monday, November 5, 2012

Chortling Happiness

The Saturn working gave me a method of getting to know certain things. The image of Binah to me to keep this information to myself. Though, frankly, I think it not so much a secret to anyone that has studied the symbolism of Western Ceremonial Magick.

Today, I used that method on myself. I did not project anything outward.

There were two difficult conversations at work today. I am well known for getting too emotional (angry) at work about these conversations. During the first, the other party was angry and I was laughing. In the second, two people were angry. One became so angry that he left the room...twice! I was on his side of the discussion but I was fine. I was smiling.

In both conversations, people that were normally calm lost it. I, whom normally loses it, was amused, laughing and having a good time.

I laughed and chortled all the way home because I didn't have to suppress my anger. I didn't have any! Progress! I am so very excited, giddy. I am still chortling.

The Agnostic Update

The Angostic has gone from being a virtual shut in, afraid to even apply for work or take a bus, to being employed for two full months. She loves her job. Today, she asked for a raise and pulled down an extra 4K a year!

I am so proud of her that I could have walked on clouds all the way home!

She claims her success if from the Manifestation Meditation but cannot explain why it works. We have agreed that it is probably aliens from Pluto. Since she doesn't know if she has a soul, that explanation works as well as any.

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