Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seeing Energy in an Aura

In a meeting at work, I saw a woman's aura. Normally, I see a uniform light around a person. This had the more or less average blue hue. Around it, was a thin line of red and a bit thicker line of purple. She is someone that I have insight into due to a psychic flash during a conversation last week. Her motivation is that her self worth is derived from doing well. Any mistake she makes diminishes her internal value as a human. This is such a sad motivation for someone with a kind heart and awesome talent. Though, it is likely quite common.

I believe the red line is her internal severity. She is harsh with herself. The purple line is the lowerish astral, realm of formation, air. She hasn't expanded past that.

The cool part was that when she asked a question and was seriously seeking an answer, her aura opened to receive. When she was speaking and had made a decision, a red line appeared outside her aura. No point in arguing when you see that!

It was really cool to see the astral change real time like that, a first for me.

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