Friday, November 23, 2012

Healing Aspergers

I haven't worked with the kids since my last post. I am not sure why this happens but it occurs frequently with my healings. I work several times and then....stop. I am not sure if this is the universe giving my work time to fully assimilate or protecting me from too much work, as I am prone to that.

For those of you that are new to the blog, here are links to the previous posts on these kids.

Aspergers II

I woke up at 5 AM Thanksgiving morning and knew I had to work on them. I have no idea why but 5 AM? Really?

I saw the more healthy one first and gave him a boost of energy and then removed the bar that attached his ankle to his brother's ankle. For those of you that haven't clicked on the link, I see iron bars on the astral that link this two together. I think they developed because dad is a wanker and these kids will end up needing to protect each other. Regardless, the one connecting them at the ankle deeply annoyed the healthier one.

This is experimental magick. I leave allowances for error even though I can't recall having made any serious error in healing. In this case, I saved the iron bar on the moon just in case I have to put it back. Yeah, I know that sounds nuts but what can I say?

In doing this, I was under the impression I gave the healthier one a bit too much energy. My intent was to replace the energy he was taking from his brother through the bar. Given the other bars were intact, this seems an odd thing to do now. Doing so felt right at the time.

This morning, I texted my friend and told her that my guess was that both did better on T-day but the healthy one had a bit more energy that normal. She replied that everyone had a great day and yes the healthy one had more energy and was 'into everything'. She was very happy with her holiday and her boys' behavior.

Score one for the good guys!

I am hoping to make permanent changes with this boys as they are young but at the very least I can give a very stressed out mom some good days.


Anonymous said...

I am frankly horrified at the fact you seem to have done so little research into a condition you are attempting to help with magic. I am concerned at the potential effects your approach may have long-term, considering it seems to in part be less about "help them deal with things" and more "make them act like normal kids". Your use of the term illness rather than condition, or syndrome(as it is usually called aspergers syndrome) seems to betray a depth of ignorance. You are also potentially, due to a misinformed approach, wasting the best way a devotee of Hermes may act in such a situation which would be to help build bridges to help with the social communication issues that are a central aspect of AS. While procedurally one may find little fault with what you are doing, except the fact that dealing with the father via magic isn't something you are doing when considering the potential concern raised his influence is possibly worse than the AS, the fact is magic is incredibly intent responsive and your use of terms like "seal with...", implying that your operational goal is to make them act like 'normal kids', etc shows an underlying intent that is potentially destructive in the long-term despite short-term gains. Please consider the matter in some greater depth.

Sincerely, Drako Angelos

Robert said...

and why should I heed the word of the fox?

Anti Kate said...

I've been following this Asperger's story of yours with great interest. Asperger's is on the autistic spectrum, it is a specific diagnosis on that spectrum. I have one aspie husband, one aspie son, and one Autistic Spectrum Disorder son. I am not a formally educated expert with alphabet soup after my name or a book contract, and yet I still know a few things. The first commenter has a point, in some ways. Autism appears to be a difference in how the brain is wired, and some folks are all about celebrating and supporting the difference. Unfortunately, some of the places on the spectrum make life *very* difficult for the autie and the people who love them. Both of my sons have been suicidally depressed at times, because life is so damn hard for them. This scares the stuff right out of me, oddly enough. So, while I want them to remain them, while I love them for who they are, I also want them to be *better* and *happier* and more able to cope with life in general. There needs to be a middle of the road way of taking care of these issues. So, I *am* reading your blog with great interest these days. I'm happy to discuss these issues at length.