Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whiter than White

Saturday night, I went to the featureless land of stormy sky, took with me a companion of fire, and asked what I needed to see next. We walked purposely for a bit,. We didn't cover much ground, before I saw my soul, in whole or in part I do not know. The purest white image of a man, perhaps in Grecian robes, shone through the darkness. In his right hand, he held the scales. I knew the meaning.

Soon, I will be walking the path of Justice, Lamed, the Justice card. Prior to that, I must formerly walk the path of Water, Mem, the path of the Hanged Man.

To see one's own soul in such a way was shocking. Whiter than white, I think the Bible says. After, I was numb. Today, I am overwhelmed with emotion, love, peace and some fear. I mourn my father on this Veteran's Day weekend. The emotions I feel are intense and are only disturbing in that sense.

I am spending the day alternating between cleaning my house, watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and reading Greek mythology. The first and last are spiritually inclined activities. I am seeing many connections in the mythology and my occult life up to present.

During an IM chat, someone said that the process is perfect until we interfere. My reply was that we cannot interfere. It is like trying to divert the ocean. If we try, our efforts are quickly overcome. Sometimes, I have to say something before I realized I have come to own the concept.

Then I came up with this:

There have been those who, with intent or not, have tried to stop my progress. There have been times when I, with intent or not, have tried to do the same. All such efforts have failed. My progress or lack thereof is a force of nature that cannot be trifled with by efforts of a man, at least, not for long.

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