Monday, November 5, 2012

M Theory

Science buffs will be disappointed if they expect me to link M Theory and magick in an intelligent way.  I know virtually nothing regarding M Theory...

In doing the Manifestation Meditation, I am getting consistent messages to do magick -- a lot of magick. So much so that 'normal state' Robert is balking. Doing that much magick should blow my head off. Frankly, while I am pretty spiritually gonzo at times, I need a break from scattering parts of my brain all over the universe.

The other night, I sat in meditation. I focused on how I am supposed to organize all the magick that I am supposed to do which includes:
  • dealing with the elemental kings in a single ritual and uniting them under spirit (shin)
  • learning about each planet
  • doing a long overdue ritual to consecrate a friend's sword talisman
  • walking the paths that boarder Tipereth
  • creating a couple of obstacle removing candles
The first act has to be dealing with the elemental kings. This didn't come so much from the meditation but I can feel the vibration when I think about it. This is close. In theory, this will be pretty straight-forward. This is basically doing an LBRP or an SIRP (Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram) and using the hierarchical vibratory formula to call them. I will post details on that when I perform the rite. 

The problem may lie in the energies themselves...or not. The Saturn working proved I was out of sync with time and that such things can be corrected. It has led me to the idea that some of the other issues I face are from being out of sync with this realm. That thought led me to believe that the prompting to work with the kings is going to resolve that issue. Should it not, I will work with the tarot princesses. I am not exactly sure how yet but I will cross that bridge should it appear on the horizon.

The meditation revealed an image of the next magickal act that looked exactly like this. 

This tells me that I have to walk these paths next. I find it curious that I am not being told to seal the deal by working the path of Teth (Leo) that links sephiroth four and five. 

When I saw this, I knew I would receive confirmation and I did Saturday afternoon. I was watching a documentary called the Nature of Existence (companion series) in which someone mentioned M Theory and stated that it is the way to understanding all things

Agrippa used the term "all things" extensively.
  • "for Love is the chariot of the Soul, the most excellent of all things, descending from the Intelligences above even to the most inferior things. It congregates and converts our mind into the Divine beauty, preserves us also in all our works,"
  • "Divine revelations wholly, peirceth [pierceth] all things through the whole world, for seeing it descends from above from the first light, and remains neerest [nearest] to it, is far more noble and excellent than the arts, sciences and beliefes arising from inferior things: this being darted into our intellect by reflexion [reflection] from the first light. To conclude, by faith man is made somewhat the same with the superior powers and enjoyeth the same power with them:"
  • "Therefore Linus the Poet sings all things are to be beleeved [believed], because all things are easie [easy] to God; nothing is impossible to him, therefore nothing incredible;"
  • "Seeing that the being and operation of all things, depend on the most high God,"
Of course, this is also mentioned in the Oath of the Abyss, which I have taken:

1. I, ___________, a member of the Body of God, hereby bind myself on behalf of the Whole Universe, even as we are now physically bound unto the cross of suffering:
2. that I will lead a pure life, as a devoted servant of the Order:
3. that I will understand all things:
4. that I will love all things:
5. that I will perform all things and endure all things:
6. that I will continue in the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel
7. that I will work without attachment
8. that I will work in truth:
9. that I will rely only upon myself:
10. that I will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul.
And if I fail herein, may my pyramid be profaned, and the Eye closed to me.

I am not claiming that I will understand all things after doing this work. However, I will understand more things which brings me closer to understanding all theory. Of course, we are emptying the ocean with a fork here.

The sword and obstacle removing candles are another story.

The latter is a project I feel really compelled to do as an act of service. I offered to make such candles at no charge for the two people that responded first to my offer on Facebook. They were immediately snatched up. That has to occur after the elemental working but likely before the rest.

The sword is a promise to a friend delayed way too long. On the other hand, I do believe in the virtue  of patience as it applies to magickal timing. I do not forget my promises or my love for my friends. This one is just taking more patience than I expected.

The magick mentioned above will take place prior to the next equinox. It should make for an interesting life and interesting reading.

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