Thursday, November 3, 2011

Five of Wands

Since I was so impressed with the results of skrying the Seven of Swords, I thought I'd see what happened with another issue in my life. One of my birth cards in of the tarot is the five of wands, strife.

I have lead a pretty decent life financially. Aside from a year or so, I have always had enough money to get buy. I have always had a car etc. The other areas of my life have been influenced by strife in the form of arguments and the like. It has driven me a bit batty.

So, I used the same technique as with the Seven of Swords. This time, I was a bit tired and it didn't go so well. The only thing I heard was a referral to the Six of Wands and told to do so in full ritual with the addition of some higher level preliminaries.

So I shall. So I shall.

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