Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dreams and Temptation

This morning I woke remembering five dreams. I think my previous record is two but it could be as many as three.

One of them had to do me delivering a manuscript of fiction to a couple. I am not sure if they were editors or not but I was seeking their approval. The book had a controversial element to it. I was concerned how that would be received. It was of a sexual nature but I don't know the specifics. In a later dream, I remembered that I had left out a transitional chapter in the book. 

One of them involved being stranded with a dead car. The only way to assistance was along a ditch bank. The way was littered with thugs and prostitutes. I was attacked once but a look drove the man away. Then there was a common stampede of people fleeing from something. 

Here I briefly woke and decided I didn't want to dream anything scary. The only thing I remember from that is carrying a naked teenage girl somewhere. No, there was no sexual thrill. There were more people in that dream.

I cannot remember the other two as I am doing a non-existent job of keeping a dream journal. 

The common theme in all the dreams I am remembering, including more than last night, is group interaction. 


I am holding fast to my no magick rule. I am getting a study call to Hermes. The way I am looking at it as that if He wants to chat, He can come to me. Gods can do that. Aside from that, I'm sticking to my rule. This is not an emergency. 


nutty professor said...

My sense of these dreams, apart from the manuscript - which will probably manifest in the future time - is that you are playing a heroic role.

I wonder if that is how you see yourself.

Perhaps Hermes is making an road or an opportunity. Good for you.

Robert said...

No. I don't see them as the heroic role. Sometimes there is a bit of that. Other times, I am fearful. In still others, it is just the normal moving about in life.