Friday, November 25, 2011

Short Dream

Since I have nothing else to post about and dreams seem to be the only thing I'm attempting to pay attention to, I thought I'd record the latest.

I awoke feeling disappointed that I could not recall any dreams. About an hour later, I did remember.

The background is that over the last year, I have had a lot of dreams where I am fearful about heights. Sometimes, I am on a deadly precipice. Other times, I am at work, in an enclosed elevator that is falling or about to fall or in some other way very rickety. Up until this most recent crisis, the fear aspect of the dreams has faded. That emotion hasn't entirely dissipated but it is certainly less.

Last night, I was walking toward the skyscraper in question and looked at the new one right beside it. The center piece of the new structure was finished (axis mundi?) but the outer portions of the building were not. In fact, the outer portions didn't reach the ground. This, in the dream, reminded me of The Cross. However, the top portions were filled in.

Obviously, in mundane reality, no one would build a building from the top down as appeared to be happening.

At this point, there was a conversation with the director my department at work, a woman. In reality, she'd have nothing to do with building projects. She was sternly advocating patience as I was probably pointing out the absurdity of building from the top down.

The dream ended with the building complete and upon the ground as normal.

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João C said...

May I hazard a comment? Building from the top down seems to point to rebuilding your personality on the basis of spiritual principles/practice, rather than on the usual material factors.