Friday, November 11, 2011

The Beginnings of Impact

Many many years ago, I had a vision of the Buddha hold up his hand in what American's would say was a gesture meaning stop. The vision was detailed. I posted to some discussion board when the internet was new and asked about it. I was told the story of Buddha stopping a charging elephant. I can't remember the story I was told but it wasn't hard to find something similar. It may be the exact story.

As I was making that search to write this post, I found this story about stopping something else about Buddha that seem just as apropos, if not more.

My hiatus from magick is only a few days old but I can sense the elephant has stopped charging or maybe it is preparing to stop. The internal pressure to achieve, to understand, to grow closer, to rid myself of impurities is abating. I am not sure what the analogy is for this, maybe a swimming pool pump stopping? Maybe a rock has fallen into a brook, creating a temporary damn. The point is that I can feel it.

With it, other currents, I hope will slow too.

Now the part that I find amusing is this. Magicians are into various forms of symbolism. Recently, I adopted the Blue Hand as my symbol. I can seriously see this as a symbol for stopping and being receptive. The odd part is that it was meant to be my right hand but the artist drew the left. In my symbolism the left is the more passive, in an active sort of way.

I am not capturing this feeling well with words and will likely make a future attempt at doing so.

Side Note:

Some just started following my blog with the coolest internet name that I have seen in a while. She calls herself Bab(s)alon. It cracked me up. So, I thought I'd share.

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