Thursday, November 10, 2011

Without Magick: Two Days

I must acknowledge that I have gone quite a long time without doing magick. I am sure, the anal retentive reader could find periods of a couple of weeks within the space of this blog. This is the first time I've stopped doing for any length of time on purpose.

The first thing I noticed was Tuesday night. I had a dream of my mentor and his wife. I was crying about all the loses I have suffered this year. Wednesday night returned me to the time of very difficult sleep. There were no dreams that I could recall.

Having said I won't be doing magick for a while has yielded some fruit already.

  • I am sifting through practical magick that I want to do, planning and prioritizing. 
  • I have writing to catch up on.
  • I have bought a Spotify account. Listening to music will break me from my Netflix habit that I developed while my back was too bad to move. The music also makes me more ambitious.
I am doing some contemplation on prayer. In the past, I have noted how prayer can quickly change one's life. Does that count as magick? I have prayers I want to offer to Thoth and various other deities. Some of them are devotional. Other prayers are requests. 

I can make a serious argument as to both being a form of magick. I then thought I should go back to think of why I have stopped doing magick. That reason is because at the moment
  • I do not have all of my mental faculties together. I am imbalanced.
  • I have a lot of emotional pain issues going on and am a bit of a wounded animal. I don't want to strike out like one, even with the best of intentions.
  • My various subtle bodies need a break and time to recuperate.
Devotional prayers may seem less magickal but as they bring you closer to the deity in question, I am betting they exert some pull on the subtle bodies. Requests, while at first appearing to be more magickal, would seem be easier on the subtle parts of me. I suppose that depends how the deity in question would respond. If it changes me to provide what I ask, I am back to the idea that I shouldn't. If the changes are more external, then I shouldn't have a problem. 

Do tarot readings count?


Frater B.P.D. said...

I think prayer is always a fine idea. You shouldn't neglect your spiritual side during this time away from magick. Writing is also a good idea, so long as it is not about occult topics.

Other things, such as planning for future magick or working with tarot cards would probably fall into the category of things you shouldn't be doing right now.

Staying away from magick and occult practice for a while seems to be a good idea for you. How about spending this time focusing on more mundane concerns you may have been neglecting? Perhaps some physical therapy to help alleviate the physical pain you've been going through might be a good idea. You might also look into alternate employment opportunities so that you won't fall into the sort of financial difficulties you have been anticipating lately.

Use this time to work on those things, and eventually, you will find yourself in a better place to pursue more occult matters.

Soror Abyss-Eyes said...

I guess I would suggest learning some Java programming and some C Programming as well. You could also try some perl and python. You said you have the concentration in your last post, so you could start working on a cross-platform client server application.

If after all that you still don't know what to do with your mundane time, email me for suggestions.

nutty professor said...

...sounds like you are healing.

It is necessary.

and well I think any kind of healing counts as "magick"

in One,