Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Morality Discussions

In his post, Jack declared that he is not interested in discussing anyone morals.

I find value in that. At the very least, there is a practical value. I will demonstrate in reverse. Were we to meet, after reading this blog, are you really concerned that I'm going to pick a hair off your shirt and use it as a link to curse you? Do you think I'm going to leave some powder at your next public circle for you to walk across? Likely not, so we can approach each other as friends. If I know you're a link whore, you're not getting into my house. We can't be friends because I can't trust you.

If I know you don't piss on your own magick and I also know you've sought a magickal friendship, again, I can trust you. If you reverse on your own desires often, you will reverse on me. No trust, no friendship. Simple.

The downside is that knowing those things about me, you may be attempted to attack thinking you have unlimited free shots. That would be a mistake.

Update on No Magick:

The anxiety levels have dropped significantly. They did so gradually over about a week.  No resolution on anything else but that is a big help.


Jack Faust said...

While I get what you're saying, brother, I think your worries about links via your home are overrated.

The easiest links to you right now are the entries you wrote while in a what appear to be highly emotional states. That is just as good, in my experience, of a link as any piece of hair or lint off your shirt will ever be.

I don't know, man. I have a Witch Bottle to tell me when I'm cursed, and a grounding poppet for if someone accidentally throws something at me, or is a messy thaumaturge. And then home wards. And daily ritual baths/showers, and at least weekly if not daily banishing routines. Instead of discussing morality, I've gone out of my way to talk about how to protect yourself, helpful routines, etc.

I think this levels the playing field, ultimately. For every person out to abuse their out - and every art has those - there's another forewarned and forearmed. Shouldn't that be the goal?

Robert said...

Yeah, I know that anyone really serious about going after me could find a wealth of material here. I was just making a point about knowing your friends etc.

Seriously, I don't fear random attacks from readers. If someone is going to go after me, it would be closer to home.

Yvonne said...

I am happy to read about the drop in your anxiety. Healing is a positive frequency. Enjoy this and draw strength.