Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waking Astral Vision

Last night was a difficult sleep night. I slept very little and when I did, woke often. Towards the morning, about 4:30, I had a dream.

I was driving a car with my Conclave partners, Witch and Flower. I was driving off pavement and getting us killed. At times, I had two wheels on the pavement and the other two hanging over a cliff. I kept apologizing for being about to get us all killed.

I woke up just a tad scared but not real bad. I became literally awake as a voice whispered something in my ear. I opened my eyes and saw faces. I was surrounded by men and women. Their forms made up of lines of light. Their faces and bodies suggested by lines of light. They were clear. They were real.

By emotional alone they welcomed me.

I have a popcorn ceiling painted a standard white. It was glistening with light. My ceiling was made of stars and the night sky.

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Yvonne said...

you are moving between third dimension and the fourth density. Approach this with detachment. nice that folks there welcomed you!