Saturday, November 12, 2011

Transformative Fire and Some Brief Notes

For the new reader, I will disclose that I am a Leo. I have a Leo's issue's and I read the Leo News. (Nods to anyone that catches the Smothers Brothers reference there.) I can be fiery, brash, direct and creative. When I get frustrated, I get loud. You push me. I push back. You duck and I will duck with you so I can look you in the eye.

That fiery nature has a plus side. No one has to guess what I feel. They don't have to guess if I am being honest. I may be wrong but I don't bullshit.

The problem there is that fire burns. People have a natural caution when dealing with something that burns.

Magickally, I've been shown that I place too much fire in my magick. I need to calm it down with other elements. Recently, I have learned something else. Fire has two natures. There is the more elemental fire that burns. It is red. There is also transformative fire. It is white.

I will need to remember this and explore it over time. Now is not that time but I will.

Dream Vitamins

I was looked up by some old high school buddies on Facebook. One of them mentinoned he takes Vitamin B to help him remember dreams. I figured it could not hurt and tried it. Oddly enough, I remembered my dreams and they were quite tactile.


Today, I was about to start a conversation with someone. My intuition told me that it was a bad day for that person and my message would not be appreciated, mostly due to the person's current mood. I resolved to listen to my intuition. Suddenly, I received this healing loving touch. I have thought that my higher self or HGA does this when I get something right.


Juan said...

B vitamins. I've got to remember to try that. I also went back and read the post on astral projection and fire. Very interesting indeed. Does it get any easier to just know when you're projecting or do you still have doubts?

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for a couple of months now and admire your bravery and candor. You have probably read this...

...but I'm reminded of it almost every time I read one of your recent posts, it was of great help to me.

All the best - Mike