Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Taking the Vitamin B complex seems to have resulted in remembering dreams each night since I started. Naturally, the fade over time but I do remember when I wake up. I will likely start a dream journal. I will probably not post that here. There is nothing more boring than reading about someone else's dreams.


Yvonne said...

I actually don't think that reading about dreams is boring, especially if they are lucid dreams. You can leave out the uncharacteristically kinky stuff if you want :)

I am interested in the dream patterns, if any. I also wonder what kinds of thought forms you have lurking around in that realm. Please feel free to describe what you wish. I doubt that I will "know what it means" but we wonder about that fourth dimensional landscape you inhabit and its population.

Robert said...

Uncharacteristically Kinky? My dear, some guy on facebook keeps posting that I spend private time with a yak.

Frater Acher said...

Hi Robert, interesting observation on VitaminB and dreams... I'll check that out as well and will consider myself part of the virtual test group. :-)

If you are planning to work more with your dreams this page I put together some time ago might be helpful: