Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Mindset

The Reiki initiation has already vastly influenced my magick. I've been asked to heal others in times past. I used to call myself a human aspirin. If you could buy something over the counter for your ailment, I was your man. I also had some success with a severe mental illness. However, I thought I was confusing the poor woman's doctors as the medication doses changed when I worked on her versus when I didn't. So, I stopped. When I've done things like that in the past, I used my own natural energies. When I worked Reiki on my teacher, I quickly learned that the energy is not mine at all. If I tried to use my own the flow got all messed up. Once I realized that, things were a cinch.

A friend of mine asked me to aid her with a migraine tonight. Naturally, she was put up to asking by the nefarious My Gal. I did what I would have done normally. I except I placed my astral hands as I would in Reiki. No more migraine. The only part of me in that was getting there as this person lives in Bakersfield.

Rain Rain Go Away

Fresno is under assault by storm clouds. Most of the San Joaquin Valley is. The prediction was for dire storms. This afternoon, there was a very heavy downpour. Unusual enough that it drew people onto their porches to watch. I wondered if I could punch a hole in the clouds. So, I focussed like I learned with Reiki. I didn't punch a hole in the clouds but the focal point of my efforts turned from dark gray to white. I watched over a five minute span the whiteness grew until covered the patch of sky I could see. The rain stopped.

I am not taking credit for stopping the rain. That wasn't my intent. I am merely reporting a magick effort and what happened immediately after that effort. Perhaps the rain would have ended in that moment anyway. Perhaps not.


The concept of Reiki and not owning the the process is going to color my magickal thought for quite some time. I just love learning new things.


PhoenixAngel said...

Thanks for healing my headache. With the druid out of town, my other choice was an amputation of my head but that would have upset the children. So, now you can stop the rain? Rain, my infamous killer migraines, so what's next? Parting the red sea?

Robert said...

I claim only to have found you on the astral, nothing else. You allowed your own healing. The weather is a maybe, a note in a magician's notebook is all.

Yvonne said...

Now that you have Reiki initiation have you worked with Kwan Yin?

Robert said...

I have never worked with her. We will see what develops over time.