Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reiki Part Two

I was advised to do Reiki upon myself on a daily basis. Reiki is basically placing the hand on the body intuitively and allowing energy to flow. I was also advised to be very creative with the energy.

I placed my hand on the wall near where I invoke Raphael for the LBRP and tried to connect with him. My voice told me to vibrate their names first which I did. I reached into that vision of Raphael's wings I had not long ago and placed the other hand on my heart. My hands got hot. Eventually, I went to each archangel using different hand positions. I even dropped by my temple plant and gave it Reiki.

To say that I have a energy buzzing through my body is an understatement. Sensations are crawling up my legs. My crown chakra feels like it is on fire but in a good way. My mind does have that after meditation fuzzy feeling that I sometimes get from a less than perfect meditation.

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