Monday, December 27, 2010

American Goetia II

Last night, I went to bed thinking of the American Goetia. I felt astral as I fell off to sleep. Nearly, immediately a dream came to me. I saw a very peculiar brown earthy mixture that looked like finely shredded tree bark. There was an awareness that this was a fertilizing ground cover. One could surmise that it is a warning that I am about to fall into the shit. I don't think so. Perhaps it is saying that I am making the ground fertile. We shall see.

I know the dream was immediate because I woke up about a half hour after going to bed and clearly remembered the dream.

I reviewed my notes today and was astonished to find how much work I had done on this previously. There are notes covering every day for a week and sporadic notes for months after. I have a philosophical outline, techniques, warnings and a full symbol set. The last was the only thing I really recalled. Even that, I didn't remember fully. We may be ready for actual practice quicker than I thought.

I will make a note here whenever I update the website. I did that today but only to add some Amazon links. I figured it couldn't hurt.


anna said...

Please keep us posted on your project. Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Is there no danger to American Goetia?

I know the Goetia is a hazardous undertaking.

Robert said...

Anonymous, the answer to that is will likely take longer to create than I have time for at the moment. Look for future postings for an answer.