Friday, December 3, 2010

Stopped Cold!

Have I mentioned that I am a Leo? Leo's have some issues with injustice. Frankly, we can't stand it. It doesn't matter who the unfortunate soul is on the wrong side of the stick. We hate injustice. Hate is a strong word. It has connotations. I used that word on purpose.

So, I've been told that I am being demoted at work. I am being demoted, not because I've messed up, on the contrary. The demotion was arranged because my boss hadn't demoted or laid anyone off in a couple of years and the other managers decided that was unfair. He should have to do that too. I am not making this up. Who runs a business that way?

Naturally, I have been doing a Leo slow burn over this. Once you figure career longevity and retirement benefits I'm out a number well into A LOT OF MONEY.

I am pissed.

I've been doing a slow burn over this for a week or two. I've wanted to curse a soul or two but my brain just says no. It screams no. Damn. I feel betrayed by folks that sing my praises then hit me with this.

Tonight, I had that odd feeling that I'm missing something. Given that I'm all fiery, I chatted with Micheal.


Say what?

So, instead of looking at the players as folks that screwed me, I need to stop and reassess things as if folks are trying to help? Does everyone mean that everyone is consciously looking out for me or that the universe tends to provide the right things so even negative things are help? Fuck me. I don't know. I do know it is more fun to try to figure out how this would be a help than to be pissed off.


Anonymous said...

If I may, while it is true beyond doubt that Leos have issues with injustice, it is equally true that Leos are spectacularly placed to correct injustice.

Anonymous said...

The line, "Everyone is trying to help you" reminded me of the following story: If you have the time and inclination I would recommend a few minutes reading it.

"Gam zu l'tovah!" translates to: "This too is for the best".

So if the demotion seems like a bad thing at the moment and Michael says everyone is trying to help - then perhaps this situation will eventually be for the best.

Ps. the verification code I typed to post this is Henrew for lights. Seeing as it is Channukah (that is celebrated with lights), this too is for the best :-)

Robert said...

cool story, thanks.