Sunday, December 26, 2010

The American Goetia

I posted earlier today about my planned work with the American Goetia. This is a system of evocatory magick brought to me by a spirit of the Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Goetia. This system uses spirits born in the lands of North America.

This announcement was rather impetuous. I have had this cooking since January 1, 2008 but never pursued it. I plan to rectify that in the relatively near future. The problem is that my mentor has warned me off of goetia in my present stage of development. He likely has good reason but I feel now is the time for this particular activity. I'm sure he'll watch in wry amusement if I blow myself up.

In order to protect any copyright to the name American Goetia, I have purchased a website and created a quick page. In time, that will fill out into a commercial enterprise. The domain has not propagated across the web yet. The address is


Melissa Alexander said...

Hi Robert. Love your blog. (Truly -- always get great insights!)

Just wanted to comment on copyrighting the name. I think your copyright laws are similar to those in the US. If so, you can't copyright a title. (Search on "Dark Angel" at Amazon and see how many books share that title.)

You can, however, trademark it to protect it. That may be overkill though. :-)

Robert said...

Good point. I should have remembered that.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Nevertheless, it was a good idea to grab the domain name for the future website while it was available.

Anonymous said...

You need to trademark the term "American Goetia". Copyright alone won't protect the term itself.