Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Follow Up on Those Who Needed Healing

The woman with the bug has recovered nicely from its removal. She says her life is the same but changed.

The person that I do not know reports a series of incremental improvements.

The PhoenixAngel reports the migraine did not return.

These things do my heart some good. I would like to continue doing such work. It is good putting all this magickal training to good use.


Yvonne said...

Do you keep a descriptive and analytical log of your "cases?"
I ask because I think that we will see many many more spiritual healers in this present age, to the point that these alternatives become viable for a desperate and afflicted population. It seems that you are laying the groundwork for a central role and the fulfillment of personal destiny. Please definitely continue to log (and blog) so that there is an historical record. It is strangely edifying to read your words. thank you again.

Robert said...

most of the time I keep good records