Monday, December 20, 2010

Reiki Odd

Tonight, I worked on a someone I haven't met. The feelings and visuals were intense.

Once that was done, my astral self returned to me and I had the idea of using it to perform Reiki on myself. This was very odd as my consciousness was with my body but my astral body felt nearly physical when it touched me. I had thought that if those bodies touched, they would snap back into the whole. I simply kept telling myself to trust the Reiki.

I treated myself just as I treated my Reiki initiator. At one point, I could have sworn there was three of me my physical body and mind, the astral body touching me with the Reiki (though the touch was not continual) and a much lighter part of me that can see better on the astral. The latter part of me rose up within a white dome that had hole in the center. I was very high off the ground but nowhere near the opening. When I sought the opening, I stopped. That reminded me to trust the Reiki. The three of me stayed in place for a while until it ended. 

The amount of light I saw for both myself and the someone I worked on was phenomenal.

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