Sunday, December 26, 2010

Impetuous Plan Made Not so Impetuous

About a year or two ago, I had a moment that I didn't post about. I received a magickal download. The information came hard and fast over two or three days. For about a week, I contemplated the information. I even played with it a bit intellectually. After that, I did nothing.The download came with a bit of ego stroking.

The reason for that was the information came from one of the spirits of the Lesser Key of Solomon. It involved a series of symbols that could be merged and taken apart like a set of spiritual Legos. These Legos could call a new set off demons from this land. In effect, I was given the beginning keys to American Goetia. My plan was to conjure these planetary spirits, write my own grimorie and publish it using the title American Goetia.

As I was working on the What I Learned This Year post, previously mentioned the other day, I realized I have the ability to conjure nearly anything. I've contacted a heretofore unknown spirit using a simple ritual of my own design using a skryer that I have confidence in, I've conjured goetic spirits, shemhamphoresch angels, Enochian spirts and made contacts with a set of gods.

I contacted my HD partner, Flower, this morning. I also call her the Brave One as does HD. In an act of foolishness, trust in me on a level I cannot comprehend or extraordinary bravery, she has agreed to evoke some of these beings. I have no idea if this will get to the grimorie/book stage. I have a lot of such plans that I haven't shown the dedication to make real. However, I am pretty sure evocation of one such spirit is indeed going to happen.

I wanted to rush out and just do this. Instead I am going to collect my notes which uncharastically are stored in an easy to find binder. Then I will work out a rite, divine and the like. Then we will work on it.

Stay tuned to this channel for updates.

Other Notes

Since meeting with the Rabbi, my father has spoken to me respectfully about magick. After asking about certain principals and hearing my answer he exclaimed, "You can teach that?" Previously, my father just sort of smirked when the topic came up. I'm not sure if he now associates my work with an 'accepted religion' or if it is somethign else. However, the change in attitude is so remarkable, I thought I'd record it in this space.

The incomplete and yet unpublished What I've Learned This Year post has been an interesting experience. Though, it isn't the easiest thing blog post I've written. It is giving me much more confidence a magician. I feel like I'm always searching around for skills I don't think I have. In reading this last year's posts, I realize I have better skills than I have internalized, have learned a great deal and do a lot of freaking work. Reviewing has proved more fruitful than embarrassing. Though there are embarrassing moments of course. I feel much less embarrassed than I thought I would. I am finding it easier to accept my humanness.


Yvonne said...

Cant wait to read more. This is important.

Unknown said...

I'm highly looking forward to what you come up with. Best of luck to you and your partner.