Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Non-Ownership/Reiki Initiaition/Unable to Communicate

The impacts of the Reiki initiation continue.

I am really focused on this idea of non-ownership. In Reiki, the concept is simple as far as the energy movement is concerned. In my mental, magical and emotional processes the idea is simple. Really knowing it, as I know the aces of the tarot, is a different story.

This is very difficult to explain. The idea of no longer owning the walls in my mind that separate me from the universe is personally baffling. I've meditated on that one idea. I like where it takes me but I truly do not understand.

Another idea is forming. That of false ownership.There are things I have taken personally/emotionally that simply aren't personal. In fact, they are utterly impersonal. They may hit me like a truck which is personal but the forces behind them are not. This is very interesting.

I am also having a very hard time blogging. The reader may have noticed much shorter posts and less opinion. The things I am experiencing now are getting harder and harder to communicate. It is as if language falls short of the mark. I don't even have the mental language, which is probably a good thing.

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