Monday, December 6, 2010

Helpful Deity Brings the Kundalini

Flower came by to call the Helpful Deity tonight. I had tried to write a mantra but failed. I shouldn't have bothered. The only thing that came of it was telling Flower that i wanted to call Hermes and the Helpful Deity together as last time Hermes crashed the party on his own.

All of our rituals are very simple. We meditate for 15 minutes. We do a mantra. HD arrives. Simple. Of late, the mantras are coming to me as I meditate. Tonight's I had within a minute or two of sitting down. The rest of the meditation was simply repeating the mantra.

When the meditation timer went off, we stood. I said the mantra audibly. Normally, I may repeat it anywhere from 10 to 30 times. Tonight, I think I made through three, maybe four.

I was aware but I had no thoughts for the rest of the ritual. The kundalini energy rose in both of us. It was off the charts. All I was aware of was her/Her. Flower morphed into the Goddess. Sometimes she morphed about half way back to human but mostly she was the Goddess. I watched the Her create the earth. I understood some pagan art. From time to time, I could hear directly from Flower's brain a few yes/no thoughts.

She saw a vast pit or bowl full of snakes for an instant. She saw horns upon my head. She saw the universe.

The first two minutes of god possession contained verbalized words between us. He spoke to Her. She replied to Him. Aside from that, no words were spoken. We were both 100% present. Not a single stray thought entered our minds. There was not one personal insecurity. There was not one thought of friend, family or television show. Nothing. We were present.

When it was over, we collapsed onto the floor. Upon both our heads, I saw golden crowns.

The ritual lasted from just before 8:00 PM until just before 10:00 PM. Two hours without a stray thought.

I haven't even bothered to try to explain what this was like.

The ritual ended forty minutes ago. I am still vibrating like a tuning fork.


PhoenixAngel said...

Frater RO: Hey, the next time you do that, can you come over so I can tune my piano and a couple of guitars?
Great post!

PhoenixAngel said...

oops sorry frater robert for calling you RO. thats what i get when i respond to these things too early in the morning

Anonymous said...

Wow! There are no coincidences, I was meant to read this post today! You have echoed the words of my mentor! And I'm sure I even know what pagan artwork you may be talking about. Cool post.