Monday, December 13, 2010

What Did I Kill Last Night and The Virgin Mary

What Did I Kill Last Night?

I've had a low grade fever for five days. My normal is well below normal so a fever of 100 is significant for me. It became annoying. Aside from fatigue and fever there were no other symptoms. I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I previously mentioned that I was going to get rid of a bug attached to a friend of mine that scared the crap out of psychic readers. Three people in one day mentioned this may be a cause of my ills.

Around 10:00 last night, I popped into my temple room, did an LBRP and checked for signs of infestation. I saw strands that looked like jelly fish tentacles with  red claws tipped in bright yellow attached to my head. I created tiny banishing pentagrams of air at each point. I thought by removing the air, the fiery element would be snuffed out. The lines snapped and the claws fell out. I crushed them beneath my feet. The filaments wouldn't go away like that. So, I hit them with a bigger pent of the same type and they disintegrated. However, there was 'stuff' left over. I used my water chalice and dumped an endless stream of 'water' on the mess, which turned into green slime and washed away.

I immediately felt cooler.

Thinking these things were from my friend's bug, I went to her and dumped water on it from the chalice. It too turned into green slime. I called to the ocean to wash away the mess. I felt myself standing in its cool waters.

It took much longer than this to do but that is the basic description. Upon leaving the temple room, I found my temperature had dropped 1.5 degrees from the time I entered. That is about .1 degree a minute.

My temperature is now at my normal range. I made it to work today but left early. I'm still very tired but no fever at all.  Though, I thought I had one when I left for home. I haven't asked my friend with the bug if s/he felt anything different yet.

I thought that I killed some sort of appendages from my friend's bug or its larvae. Then I went back to work today. Normally, when I am out, I respond to my emails. I can get up to 150 a day. Fifteen of which are important. So, it behooves me to keep up. This time, I just didn't have it in me. This resulted in my being surprised that three of my five staff were out with the same symptoms. By noon, another one left.

I am now assuming I killed off some part of a flu bug that caused the fever. Those things were external. However, my body hasn't recovered. I don't think what was attached me was directly related to the bug on my friend. There were significant physical features (like all of them) that didn't match. I'm not sure I did the correct thing for myself. Fever fights things off. Maybe, I didn't help myself.

On War and the Virgin Mary

I didn't mention it but a couple of weeks ago, I had a vision of the Virgin Mary. I told her that I don't do war gods. Yes, I know she isn't but I do feel she is associated with them a bit too closely. She said, "We have a very different perspective on war." Part of my mind understood the overt meaning and subtle nuances. Part of me did not. Her statement has been weighing on my mind. She also expressed infinite patience.


Unknown said...

On the upside, most colds and flus aren't all that affected by our fevers; they've had millions of years to evolve their own defenses to them. Mostly fevers help against some of the more exotic viruses. Either way, though, rest up and feel better.

If you have the time, could you throw up some links RE: Mary and war gods? This would be the first time I've heard of such an association, although I'm not exactly any sort of expert on Catholic personages.

Robert said...

No. I won't post any links. I've posted about my ideas about the Christian tradition and the Jewish tradition. The lore is full of instances that can relate to a war god.

Though, my experience with the Rabbi and Mary's words have shaken how resolute I am on that topic.

I have no desire to broach that distracting topic again.