Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reiki and Dream


I am now a certified Reiki practitioner. The class and attunement/initiation were very positive experiences. I will go back and get a level 2 from her as well. Initially, I don't think I gained much but I gained a certain something that took things to a new level. One of the things about Reiki is that it is easier to get out of your own way. There is less ownership of the energy moving around. Less? How about none? I think this will translate very well to other magickal work.

There isn't a great deal of point in describing the sensations and visuals. I did find it interesting that I found myself seeing eyes on the palms of my hands. This was followed up by doing reiki by seeing the energy flow through my hands. Very cool stuff. I put my initiator to sleep when I did the Reiki on her.


Last night I had a dream. Angels were trying to put a white robe on me. There was something written on the inside front just under the neck line. I never got my eyes up high enough to see it as the robe was too small. In other ways, I have to get rid of some stuff. There was a lot of focus on a clock it was either 9:45 or 9:48.


Unknown said...

How interesting. I just became a Reiki practitioner myself, a week ago on Wednesday. I've found it very positive, almost shockingly so...

Unknown said...

I'm very interested that you are now a Reiki practitioner and yet you have yet to complete your Reiki level 2 training. Level 1 Reiki is the self heeling level, and for practicing heeling family members or close friends. There is a whole other level and training material you should know before practicing Reiki on clients.
It is good that you are thinking of furthering your Reiki expeience and taking the Reiki level 2. Enjoy your Reiki experience, and I'm really glad that you have spoken about your experiences after the attunement. Your dreams or visions are a key experience in your spiritual journey with Reiki, so It is best to write or draw what you experience and see.
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Robert said...

Hi Paul,

I think we just have a nomenclature issue here. I'm not going out and charging folks for Reiki. However, I am using Reiki. To me, using Reiki on myself makes me a practitioner of the system. To you, it may mean something else.

I'm not sure what it means to my initiator. I never asked for the properly correct nomenclature.