Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three Modes of Approach/Replies to Comments

Happy Sunday everyone.

My Gal and are exciting about a minor remodeling project. New paint and a new bamboo floor! We bought some sample sizes of paints today and are painting test patches on the wall. There is no going back now!

I have three areas of magickal work I am considering:

  1. Conjuring all for elemental kings and then the angels of the seven planets
  2. Pursuing the "Pan"/Goddess connection. though I have concerns with Pan, much less the Goddess
  3. Working the Enochian water tablet

I don't think I need to do anything with item 2. If that continues to happen, that will manifest on its own. That which I am experiencing as Pan is loud and in my face. I will have no choice but to deal with him in some way, either acceptance, banishing or truce.

The other two are more my style. I will have to choose a path soon. I can feel it. I've been idle too long.

Responses to Comments Left

I love the comments and I read all of them. Sometimes I want to respond but I dont' have the time. Other times, I have nothing to add but I like receiving them.

THEO -- Thanks for the picture links! I sincerely appreciate the effort. First of all, it was very cool to have someone in a museum in Europe thinking of me in the backwaters of Fresno, California USA. That was a little harmless ego stroke for me. I really appreciate the picture links too. At first, I could not land the page on that second site but I see what you mean. That is the side of Pan that scares me. I don't know a lot of others that have dealt with Pan. I have no idea if my experiences, including those I'm not posting about, are typical or not.

Gordon -- I tend to be nice to my readers and comment posters. However, sometimes I have to vehemently disagree. Conjuring a spirit and ingoring its lore is downright foolish and not to mention dangerous. Yes, magick can be worked under a social construct but there is a social saftey aspect to the concept of one's reputation. If three friends tell me a person is a thief, I'm going to get to know him pretty well before he enters my home invited. Same here. With lore like that i am going to learn about this spirit as much as possible before extending and invite.

There is a saying in magick, don't conjure anything you can't banish. I have Pan on me right now and I'd have a heck of problem banishing him should I choose to. I am not about to invite big loud spirit number 2 into the mix. There are old sane magicians and young sane magicians but no magician stays sane by being overly bold. The work is subtle. The bulldozer approach should be avoided.

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