Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am feeling stuck.

I am feeling stuck with the group I currently work with. I am not making progress. I am not sure why. Part of me is caring less and less.

I am feeling stuck with past issues. I am seriously a lot better than I was with the obsessions created during and after my time with my first group. However, I am not past them and I have not learned the essential lesson from that period, if there is one other than 'bad shit happens' and 'bad shit repeats'. 

The only thing I've been excited about of late, is the question from Anonymous as it reminded me that there are seekers out there. I should know that. I talk to them every day. Many read this space and yet, somehow her note excited me. 

The other thing is I am rereading Between the Gates by Mark Stavish.  It was with this book that I started this blog a year ago. I had some success with lucid dreaming and astral projection as a result of doing the work outlined in that material and then I just stopped. I am going back to that. I know that doing the work in that book is going to part of my core practices. I may as well get to it.  For those of you relatively newer readers that want to see that material, go back to my first posts. They were made before I learned how to label things. Sorry. 

This time. I am going to ask the readers of this space to be my coaches. 

I may be feeling stuck because I've been in incredible pain of late. That means I've been on a lot of medication. Hence the reason why you see so little magick being done. I haven't been depressed about that but I know the meds and pain can altar my point of view. Frankly, I had been doing so well. I am pissed off that I am going through this again.

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