Monday, March 23, 2009

My Future is so Bright, I Have to Wear Shades

My house is now green and yellow. I have a family room that adjoins a kitchen. Two walls of the family room are deep green, there is some yellow trim. Combine that with the red brick fire place and it looks damn good. The rest of the walls are yellow. I liked it right up until we hit critical mass. Damn, it is bright. 

Well, some decorative touches are going to be needed to break that up a bit. 

The other day, Pan explained to me that he hates mirrors because that is where our insecurities come from. I simply can't argue with that. That idea has lead me to thinking about the work I do. I have often said that to do this work you have to look deep into the mirror. It reveals things that do not serve you well. True enough.

However, how much is enough? If I am slugging people in the face, I should be insecure about the fact that my fellow humans shy away from me. I shouldn't be the slightest bit insecure about the color of my walls, unless a few friends go snow blind.  Somewhere in there is a point where you have to say 'screw it'. I have done the Work and I'm done with trying to perfect every little thing. Focusing on that too much can cause you to miss the divinity within.

On the other hand, I've seen a lot of people do this work and not give a damn about looking into any mirrors at all. I think it still works there is just a lot more destructive fall out for others. 

I am glad I did it my way. However, it may be time to revise my approach.

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