Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is All Greek to Me

Well, I now have a couple of approaches to dealing with the Pan issue.
  1. He's Greek and in my face. I'm going to turn that around. Rather than let him lead the party, I'm going to put a ceremonial magick face on this, learn Regardie's Greek versions of the standard rituals and conjure Pan from there. This will give me more of an equal footing. This is proper for being a magician rather than being bowled over by something.
  2. I have had the proper dreams. I'm qualified to work from Tipereth. The plantary aspects of the tree can be viewed form a psychological perspective. I am going to do that planetary work from a Greek viewpoint. S-L-O-W-L-Y.

In just one read, I love this Greek version of the middle pillar. Don't try to pronounce the Greek from its English spelling, you won't get close.

Keter -Ego Eimi "I am"

Daath - Sophia "Wisdom"

Tipereth - Gnosis "Knowledge"

Yesod - Zoe "Life"

Malkuth - Naos "Temple"

For those interested, I pulled Regardie's The Middle Pillar from my library and found it there.


yuzuru said...

I liked this.

My Gal said...

Your welcome dear :)

Fr. Ausharrenwille said...

The Middle Pillar and Garden of Pomengranates are good resources for bridging stuff, he did his homework there, (As usual.)

Suecae Sounds said...

Very interesting. I found a legal digital copy of the middle pillar on the H.O.G.D website myself.

Anonymous said...

Your attributions are wrong. Chokhmah means wisdom/sophia - daat` is knowledge. Gnosis is greater than both Beauty AND knowledge. Also life/zoe/eve is another variation on Faith Wisdom. Artemis would be a better choice for the formative/lunar sphere.