Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Responses to Some Comments

Gordon: Are you really sure that you've been distracted? That this 'distraction' isn't really what you wanted to do the things you wanted, like the stavish meditations?

Yes. I've been destracted. I didn't distinguish between good distracted and bad distracted. Truth be told, many times I don't feel like I'm a 'real magician' because I can not astral project. I can do a lot of magick but I can't do that with any regularity. Which means, I am simply seeing through the looking glass darkly. I must learn to do this someday. So, diversions are a distraction. That doesn't mean that my explorations haven't had their effects.

Regarding the font size. If no one else comments, I will change it back.

Lavannah, nice tip on the assistants. I have some of those cued for the Dionysus thing already. As far as the priest comment, no. I'm not a priest. I know people that have gone through the intiations and done the necessary work to earn that title. I have not.

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