Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Minute of Your Time

I have the opportunity to create a few one minute spots called The Magick Minute for the Pagan Radio Network. If the listeners like the segments, it could be a regular. I am trying to figure out exactly how to organize this. Making a minute's worth of words informative can be a bit difficult.

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Suecae Sounds said...

Sounds like a challenge. I've never done radio. But I've written quite a lot of articles for the press.

I would humbly suggest that you first deside upon a topic, then try to write it into a form of chronicle / article, then you rehearse your topic with a timer. See what works when you actually speak the words instead of writing them. The two forms of communication are different from one another.

Try to see how many words that make up a minute of your talk. Often one thinks that one can fit more into a short segment then we can. Maybe these tips are so obvious that they didn't need to be written, but I hope that you find them useful in some way.

Finally: Good luck!