Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Want To Do Too Much

During my early stages studying GD, I remember once asking my mentor can you do X too much? He laughed and said, "I don't know. The usual problem is getting folks to do things once or twice not stopping them from doing it too much. Why not try and let me know how it works out?" He has a line he likes to use, "Running a lodge allows me to experiment on my friends." Don't take that as cynical as it sounds. He deeply cares for each of his students and watches over them closely.

Well, I found out you can do X too much. At least, I could at that stage in my work. However, it culminated in a working that broke a stalker awau from my ex-wife and a friend of hers. So, I regret it not for a single moment. No damaged occurred to me either, except for my personal ritual work getting a bit squirrely and out of control.

Today, I want to do some Enochian, work with Pan and Dionysus and begin work with some trantric breathing. However, given my back still hurts and I'm still on drugs, all of those are bad ideas. But I want to WORK! I want to work them all by the end of the week. It is a good thing It learned that one can do too much early on.

I have studied the Greek Folk Religion book today and I do like it. Sometimes the author reaches conclusions that are obvious to him but not to me. Either he is occassionally full of it or he knows so much he feels certain background information is a given. Regardless, I am learning and studying the material.

This weekend I also did some more wood burning. I am not as pleased with this as I was the first one but this one is more complicated. What does that have to do with magick? Well, my interest in it came with my encounter with Pan. I had no idea he was a god of creativity. So, doing this sort of work is an odd sort of tribute to him or at least a nod in that direction.


Lavanah said...

As my mother used to say "interesting people do interesting things, and people who are interested in interesting things are interesting people." (It sounded deep when I was 12, at any rate.) You haven't lost this reader.

Suecae Sounds said...

You didn't loose me either. About overextending oneself, I grew up with chronic pain due to an illness. It was harsh and I had to learn that I could not do all the activities that I would want to. It was a tough lesson; but now the situation is different. Anyway: one has to be smart avoiding to burn out from whatever one does. But as your mentor stated, the problem is probably often the opposite.