Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night, I dreamed many dreams. I think this was sparked by an interuption in my sleep. I awoke about 1:00 am and stayed awake until 1:45. I had dreams on both ends of that.

Part of my wakefulness had to do with my past. I've worked hard to overcome an obsession over a traumatic magickal group ejection. I've made huge progress, especially with the Pan showing up and the book I've been reading about the Cult of Pan in Ancient Greece.

However, there was a small trigger that occured the other day and resurfaced that just enough to say I'm not done. I as a went to bed and realized I was obsessing and not sleeping, I did an LBRP and spoke to each archangel and explained to them what they were going to do to help me sleep. With Raphael, I very explicitedly stated that he was going to kill those thoughts enough to let me sleep. If I need still more processing that is fine. I will not let that interfere with healthy rest. I could feel the influence from each but especially Auriel (earth).

During the dream, I had images of some friends and other former group mates attempting to help in some aspect of my life. Unfortunately, I can not remember how they were helping but it felt nice. However, I do remember a bird. I folded some sort of material over my head and created a bird head for myself. Then a smaller bird flew into my long beak. I kept thinking "what is this symbolic of?" "This means something." After a while, I opened my beak and out flew the bird.

Now I wonder was this the obsessive thoughts leaving? Or my need to voice something? I can't imagine the latter, I've said it all to no avail.

We are painting as I type. We means My Gal and her mom and I am helping on occassion and paying the bills. They are having a great time and I am getting paint on my walls.

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The Scribbler said...

I've noticed that you have a tendency to go straight for the "meaning" of a dream. You ask yourself questions, such as "what does this represent?" or "what is this symbolic of?"

Although I think much of what is said and done in the name of "dreamwork" is a lot of psychobabble that only sounds true if you haven't been initiated into the reality that there are many planes of being, I also find that dreamworkers have been some real breakthroughs in ways of handling dreams. You can't (IMHO) just whip out your kabbalistic correspondences and take symbols and say a=b and x=y. You may as well be using one of those corny dream dictionaries. I think the dreamwork folks are onto something when they say you have to play with dreams and work them to finally coax the meaning out of them. One of the pithiest guides I've ever found to the kinds of "games" you can play with dreams was published on the internet as a PDF that you can download at Dr. Suler is a professor of psychology.

Give it a whirl! You might find that in the process of playing, the meaning (or message) of a dream suddenly jumps out unexpectedly.