Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stuck Part II

The thought just occurred to me that I'm experiencing a wild swing. Not too long ago, I posted about gratitude. I felt (and feel) overwhelmingly blessed by having the people in my life that I do. And from that, I am despondant over a lack of progress.  Could it just be the medication? Could it just be three or four weeks of constant pain? I thought I was mentally stronger than that but maybe not. 

Side note: I just noticed that April 7 will mark the one year mark for this blog. I still dont' know if this space is an act of narcissism or service but so far, it seems to have done no harm. I shall continue.

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Jow said...

I find your blog to be a big help and an inspiration. Even just posting musings and thoughts, helps everyone who reads to continue their own practice, and your honesty about being stuck lends help to those who feel similar, that they are not alone.

By doing the Work, however you can, you help.