Thursday, March 26, 2009

Response to Anonymous

You have asked the single most thoughtful question anyone has posted on my blog. I offer my profuse thanks for asking it. It may be a day or two (maybe three) before I respond. Your question deserves more the just an off the top my head response. Please continue to watch this space for a few days and I will get to it. 

I am a bit busy at the moment as the house painting and flooring saga continues.

Thank you much for reading and, more importantly, taking the time to thoughtfully pursue your magickal path.

To the long time experienced folks, read this space and be prepared to tell me how wrong I am. This person deserves a bit of debate on the topic. My answer should not be the only one. WitchDoctorJoe, Jason, RO, IDP, and My Gal this means you (and any other I failed to mention).


Jason Miller, said...

what was the question?

Rufus Opus said...

What the fuck are you talkin' about, man!?

I mean...

What anonymous comment are you referring to?

Frater BH said...

You see gentlemen. The advantage I have is that it is my blog. (GRIN) I will be posting the question and the answer soon.