Monday, February 20, 2012

Robert's Review of Pantheacon 2012!

This year I took it easy. I didn't sit through a lot of classes. I also tried to branch out a bit. Last year's post on Pantheacon can be found here.

The winner of this year's best presentation is Jason Mankey on Drawing Down the Moon. Jason is a long time presenter. He speaks frequently of male deities with a great sense of humor. Alcohol is usually involved. Jason spoke of how drawing down the moon (god form invocation) is done, included a version of the five-fold kiss and explained how that worked and why it was done.

He warned of the fact that sometimes it just doesn't work. There is no shame in that. It happens to the most talented practitioners. However, some folks want it to work so badly that they reach too far and delude themselves. This is not intentional deception. However, those in circle should apply a critical mind on occasion.

He made a very good point that many neo-pagan (non-BTW) groups do not do this form of work. He is afraid the art may die out and would like to see more of it publicly done. I may take him up on that challenge in a limited way.

One of my favorite things about Jason, aside from his sense of humor and the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously, is how respectful he is of other traditions and points of view. He always makes a point of telling the audience he isn't trying to offend them and when he ventures off into areas of which he knows little. His easy style may fool  you into believing he is just having a conversation. However, he is teaching from a strong knowledge base.

This ringing endorsement has nothing at all do with the fact that he puffed my ego up about this blog during lunch and told me he used it to do some of his research for the talk. Apparenlty, "so many people" read and reference this space, it made his research easy.

Jason is overall one of my favorite pagans. I have a lot of respect for him.

My Own Tarot Reading

The number two event this year was a couple of readings I did for an old friend and a new one. It was very nice to do readings that deeply help people. I was thoroughly connected. Of course, I am not responsible if they follow through but I nailed those.

Margot Adler Songs

I have never been an earthy Pagan. I never really understood that path. Margot did a workshop of songs that really hit home. I understood how the religion of the earth connects people to the spiritual. It may even be of value for me to explore this in more depth.

Sylvia Brailer

Sylvia did her tantric breathing workshop. Yes I know she is not a 'real' initiated tantric. I do not care. She definitively has 'It' or she is a fine actress. Her workshops raise a lot of energy within me. It wasn't as good as the first time I attended two years ago. However, I feel like my crown chakra opened up. Even as I type over 24 hours later, I can see a rainbow of color about my head in the shape you often see on Buddha statues.

Lon Milo DuQuette

Lon is always entertaining and informative. His song punctuated lectures are always fun, humorous and informative. You really need to know your stuff to make it sound that simple. In my view, Lon is a holy man.

That endorsement has nothing to do with the fact that he was so impressed with the Manifestation Meditation that he...

Orion Foxwood

I had a chance to express my respect for Mr. Foxwood to him personally. I ran into him in the restaurant.  He was very gracious, kind and gave me a hug. Orion is a very nice man. I mentioned that to Lon DuQuette and his reply was, "Orion is a class act." Once again, I have to agree with Lon. The incident I am refering to can be found on last year's Pantheacon post previously linked above.

The Protest Against Z Budapest's Egomanical Hypocritical Bigotry

This deserves a post on its own...coming soon.

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Andrew B. Watt said...

I like Orion a lot, but I've never taken a workshop with him. I always get pulled into other things whenever a workshop he's giving at Feast of Lights is going on... I've had breakfast with him, and found him funny and interesting to know.