Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Loving Gift

When I was going through my dark night of the soul, my friend, The Witch, gave me a string of malachite beads. Maybe it was a mala without marker stones. I don't know. She choose malachite because it is supposed to help you through transitions. Frankly, the power of stones and the like is problematic for me. It is one of those things upon which I believe in the theory and question its reality.

Yet I must say, after being giving this loving gift, I began to get better fast. Given that was a Yule gift, it shouldn't feel like forever ago but it does.

Friday, I thought it would be nice to wear them and be close to my friend by their proxy. It was the first time I worn them in...well what seemed like forever ago. This was my most difficult day in...forever. Nothing bad happened. Nothing frustrating enough to cause me to raise my voice occurred. Yet, I was a bit frustrated. I felt out of sorts all day.

Friday night, a friend was coming by. I didn't want to be sour. So, I did the Manifestation Meditation and was prompted to take off those beads. I did and immediately felt better. In fact, I was quite entertaining laughed and caused laughter.

I have no idea if the Witch did magick on those stones but those stones really were for helping me through transitions. I am not in transition anymore. I. Am. Here.

Those beads will be put away lovingly, until such time they are needed. This will not be my final ring pass not.

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